Cayman is inspiration for Chelsea Flower Show

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08 April, 2008
The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is to design an entry for the prestigious 2008 Chelsea Flower Show.
This Thursday the deputy general manager of the Botanic Park will obtain from Kem Jackson the catboat replica that will be used in the design. The exact time is yet to be confirmed.
Andrew Guthrie, General Manager of the Botanic Park said: “The inspiration for the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show exhibit was the rich cultural history of the Cayman Islands.
‘A half-size traditional Cayman Cat Boat will grace the exhibit as a tribute to Cayman’s proud seafaring traditions.
‘Time-honoured elements of the Cayman sand garden – including native, traditional and economic plants – are juxtaposed with many of the plants that are now found in today’s modern Cayman garden,” he added.

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