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The Botanic Park is host to many events during the calendar year, here are an example of various activities and events at the the Botanic Park.

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Family Fun Day

Sunday January 22nd from 10:00 Am till 4:00 PM

Orchid Show and Fundraiser

Saturday February 25th and Sunday February 26th from 9:00 AM till 4:30 Pm each day

Mango Extravaganza & Fruit Tree Fundraising Sale ONE DAY ONLY

We have over 350 3-galon size Mango Trees for sale in many different varieties, along with a variety of grafted Naseberry, Sugar Apple, Loquat and a few more!

Earth Day

Sunday April 24th 2016, from 10:00 am till 3:00 pm
Back to Nature all the way at the Botanic Park.

Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is a big fund raising event with our guest “The Garden Club of Grand Cayman


Apart from the largest of individual donors, the Park owes its creation to scores of volunteers from all walks of life who have devoted hundreds of hours to the project for the sheer love of the venture.


The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park has hosted many weddings over the years. Whether you choose to say your vows within a floral festooned gazebo, under a star-flower trellis, on the verandah of the Heritage House, or in the surroundings of a beautiful tropical garden, the Botanic Park will provide the perfect setting to make your wedding or reception unique and unforgettable. Fill your wedding album with endless photo opportunities. A seasonal two-acre lake offers a shimmering backdrop for your festivities.


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