Operational changes in store for Botanic Park

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02 August, 2011
Visitors to The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park should prepare for some changes coming at the beginning of August.
Effective 1 August, 2011, the ticket booth at the park will be relocated at the visitor’s centre, becoming the new location where visitors may purchase entry tickets. However, the parking system will still stay the same.
The second change visitors should expect is a slight alteration in the hours of operation. The new opening hours have been changed to 9.00am through 4.30pm daily, year-round with the exception of Good Friday and Christmas.
The changes come as the Botanic Park hopes to provide a more positive experience for all of its visitors.
“The change in time reflects the low amount of visitors during the slow season,” said John Lawrus, general manager at the park. “With the change in the ticket booth operations we hope to provide a more positive visitor experience allowing the visitors to have more interaction with the botanic park staff and better direction to areas within the botanic park.”

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