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27 July, 2011
HSBC Cayman volunteers and their families assisted the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park with weeding, watering and planting in support of World Environment Day 2011.
World Environment Day was developed by the United Nations in 1972 and takes place each year in June. This year’s theme “The Hidden Value of Forests” focused on the preservation of the world’s woodlands and forests.
Each year, thousands of HSBC employees from more than 40 countries around the world take part.
To raise environmental awareness locally, HSBC Cayman staff were provided with T-shirts, biodegradable shopping bags, informational pamphlets and the opportunity to help preserve Cayman’s local plants by assisting the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park with beautifying the nature preserve.
“I commend our employees and their families for their contribution, enthusiasm and effort to assist the Botanic Park. It’s important to take time out to do our part, whether it’s planting a tree or conserving energy, no small effort goes unnoticed,” said Gonzalo Jalles, HSBC Chief Executive Officer.
“Part of the Botanic Park’s mission is to educate on the importance of local plants and animals to the islands ecosystem.
HSBC has set a good example for other members in our community to do their part in keeping a well-nourished environment.” said John Lawrus, manager of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

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