Tips to manage COVID-19 Stress

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It’s so important to keep yourself healthy. Going outside for some fresh air and exercise can help manage stress and make you feel calmer and more energized. Taking a walk in your neighborhood or in a local park is a simple way to get outside and, if you choose to take a “mindful” walk, the benefits will be even greater.

Mindfulness has been found to reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase overall happiness. By focusing on the present moment, you can shift your thoughts away from worry about both the past and the future. It’s not always easy to keep yourself focused on the moment, which is why we call mindfulness a “practice”. It takes practice! Not in order to get it “right” – there is no “right” – but to strengthen your ability to notice and allow.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness: breathing exercises, using your senses, even just reminding yourself of what you are doing at that specific moment. Taking a walk in nature is one of the easiest ways. When mindfulness is combined with nature the benefits can be truly amazing.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park currently remains open and allows for a great place for all of us to practice mindfulness.

While maintaining social distancing on your walk through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, allow some calmness into your thoughts.

If you require additional information about the QEII Botanic Park please contact us here on [email protected].

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