P.O. Box 203, North Side, Grand Cayman, KY1-1701
(345) 947-9462
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9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Last admission at 4:30 p.m.
We close at noon on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is located in the district of North Side, which is a 40-minute drive east from George Town where the cruise ships dock. Add an extra 10 minutes if you’re traveling from Seven Mile Beach.

If the sea is rough in George Town harbour, then the ships dock in Spotts, which is a 30-minute drive from the Botanic Park.


There will be many taxis at the cruise ship dock waiting for passengers and it will cost around US$50.00 to come straight to the Botanic Park and US$50.00 to go back to town. (If you make other stops then the price will go up accordingly.) If you do use a taxi, make sure you have agreed on the price before you go, and make sure the driver knows you need for him to wait for you while you visit the Botanic Park it would be hard for you to get a taxi out at this end of the island if your driver were to leave after dropping you off. Please note that the driver will charge for his time waiting for you at the Botanic Park.

If you would like to pre-book a taxi so it is waiting for you at the dock, the Park’s General Manager recommends either:

Ace Nice Cabs at (345) 949-3676 or (345) 943-8888
Yellow Cabs at (345) 444-4444 or (345) 943-7777


Cruise ship tours

Please check with your cruise ship to see if a trip to the Botanic Park is included in their tour options.

Native Safari Tours

This company offers tours of the Botanic Park and other sites for visitors staying in the hotels.
Phone: (345) 324-4778

Reality Tours

This company offers tours of the Botanic Park and other sites for visitors staying in the hotels.
Phone: (345) 947-7200.


Renting a vehicle will give you the most flexibility during your stay on the island and is a cheaper
option than a taxi or organized tour. If you rent a vehicle, please remember that WE DRIVE ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD IN CAYMAN.

You can book your vehicle in advance and the company will meet you at the cruise ship dock.

Driving to the Botanic Park is not complicated.

  • Travel east from Seven Mile Beach or the cruise ship docks in George Town, past historic Pedro St. James in Savannah.
  • Continue to heading east past Bodden Town and Breakers until you reach a large intersection with a street heading uphill to your left named Frank Sound Road.
  • Turn left onto Frank Sound Road and turn right when you see the signs for the Park .

Available rental companies include:



Coconut Car Rentals


Marshall’s Rent-A-Car


You can take a local bus to the Botanic Park. However, if you are a cruise ship passenger we would not recommend this option unless you are on one of the ships that will spend most of the day in port. If your ship is in for only a few hours then do not use the local bus as the ships will leave without you if you are not back by the time they set sail. The bus will take more than 40 minutes to get to the Botanic Park as it will be stopping for passengers on the way. Buses in Cayman are mini-buses and vans, not large city buses as you may be used to. The bus depot is next to the public library in central George Town, a 10-minute walk from the cruise ship dock. You will want to take the North Side bus, which will be marked (in small letters) with NS followed by a number. The bus ride to North Side should cost $2.00. Buses are supposed to leave once an hour, but they often sit waiting until the bus fills up before they leave. The Botanic Park is located almost one mile from the main road and the bus does not normally drive down our road to our Ticket Booth and entrance so you must ask the driver to drive you to the Ticket Booth. The driver sometimes charges an extra $2.00 per person to drive down our road. It is best to ask the driver when he will be back to pick you up, otherwise, when you are ready to leave the Botanic Park you may go to our Gift Shop and ask the attendant there to get an employee to drive you to the closest bus stop. At the bus stop, you can take either the North Side (NS) bus or the East End (EE) bus back to town as they both end up back at the bus depot.

Please note that buses do not run on Sundays. You can reach a telephone hotline for public comment and feedback regarding the public transport system by calling (345) 945-5100.

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