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The design intent of the Floral Colour Garden is to create an informal garden in which one could stroll in an alternate landscape; such as coloured floral displays; laid out by colours, starting with pink and working through red, orange, yellow, white, blue, purple and lavender and different natural habitats such as the wooded areas with native trees, and into open, grassy spaces. 

The Xeriphytic Garden John Lawrus had a vision.

Xeriscaping means using local plants and drought tolerant plants that can grow and sustain themselves with low water requirements and tolerate heat and drought conditions.
This does not mean only cacti and thorny succulents found in arid environments, but to any plant that can survive in this kind of environment such as ornamental grasses and flowering perennials. You can have a xeriscape without sacrificing color, texture or structure – the normal elements of any landscape.

Salt Tolerant plants can be xeriphytic but they can also sustain an added tolerance to salt

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